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About the Project

Westside Legacy Trail. Many Paths. One Trail.

The Westside Legacy Trail will be a multi-recreational, human-powered, paved trail connecting the communities of Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. It will be a well-planned and meaningful addition to an already active community, and we encourage residents, businesses and local governments to contribute in their own unique way to help build this world-class trail amenity.


People will feel inspired to support the initiative for different reasons – be it for safety, health, economic impact, a stronger community, or the lifestyle it will provide, to name a few – but whatever your motivation, our diversity can converge on a single trail.

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The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance is inspiring businesses in the Columbia Valley and Calgary to create a viral fundraising campaign to bring our communities together by supporting a section of the Westside Legacy Trail.

0 Road Crossing

For the entire 25km length of the Westside Legacy Trail,
it crosses Westside Road only once. This paved trail will bring
many new safe opportunities to enjoy being outside.


0 Trailhead Kiosks

Two Trailhead Kiosks will mark the beginning and end of
the Westside Legacy Trail. The trailheads will honour our Donors
and their Legacy, starting with the One Meter of Trail donation level.


0 Parking Areas

There will be four parking areas for visitors to enter
the Westside Legacy Trail, located along Westside Road.


0 Picnic Areas

Enjoy a snack as you travel along the Westside Legacy
Trail at one of the five scenic picnic areas.


0 Creek Crossings

The Westside Legacy will span six small creeks with
environmentally friendly, low-impact, bridges.


0 Interpretive Areas

Pause your trek and enjoy some nature, punctuated by seven
interpretive signs along The Westside Legacy Trail.


0 Benches

Fifteen benches, or rest areas, will dot the Westside Legacy
Trail on particularly beautiful sections. Sit back and enjoy!


0KM of Land

The Westside Legacy Trail is made possible by generous
landowner donations, allowing this paved trail to be an
uninterrupted 25km long. To be built in seven sections, you will
be able to use each section as construction is completed.


$5 Million Target

The project will cost $5 Million to complete, made up of
grants, cash, in-kind, and landowner donations. This is a
local, community driven fundraising campaign to bring us close
to nature through our trails in the Columbia Valley.


Unlimited Memories

The Westside Legacy Trail is for everyone – we
encourage you to enjoy every metre – Make fond memories, make
it Your Trail! Bring your shoes, bikes or cross country skis
and we will see you out there!


Over $1600000 Raised

Work has already begun, this is our Current Progress:

25km of land donated
Surveying complete
Regional District of East Kootenay adoption as regional park
Construction Permits Issued
Over $1,600,000 in cash and in-kind donations secured
Construction planned for Spring 2016

Get Involved

The success of this project depends on public support

All donations over $50 include a charitable tax receipt.  Donations over $200 include a meter of trail in your name on our Donor Walls

Thank you Donna Post for your donation!
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What’s Happening

Latest events and news around the Trail
Here’s what happened at the K2 Ranch

And we raised over $50,000 for the Westside Legacy Trail! Many happy faces came out to the legendary K2 Ranch on May 21st to play some games, learn about the Westside Legacy Trail, and explore the ranch. That evening, we enjoyed a great feast courtesy of Rockies Hogroast, and filled the barn to the brim for an evening of music (courtesy of Iron Zipper) and dancing.

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Bicycle Works Completes the #OurTrailChallenge!

Bicycle Works has completed the #OurTrailChallenge by donating to the Westside Legacy Trail. All Bicycle Works Staff together share in the knowledge that they support a safe, healthy lifestyle in the Columbia Valley for generations to come!

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Kicking Horse Coffee Completes the #OurTrailChallenge!

Kicking Horse Coffee ‘kicked off’ the #OurTrailChallenge by donating one meter of trail on behalf of each of their 90+ employees. Every Kicking Horse Coffee employee is now proudly recognized as a donor on the Westside Legacy Trail donor wall – and together share in the knowledge of support for a safe, healthy lifestyle in the Columbia Valley for generations to come!

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